Meditation in Everything

For a long time now, I have been attracted to spending time, and paying attention to my behaviour and that of the people around me. I would endlessly analyze people, driving myself and others crazy, until I understood something about the way they feel and about what I feel. Then I realized that behavior itself actually doesn't mean much, our behavior is not who we really are; It is just our conditioning and underneath it lays something much more profound and deep. It immediately broke down so many prejudices and judgments I had and left me with a clear view about humanity and with a deeper understanding about human basic needs which, I figured out, are the same for everyone. This understanding was a big relief for me as it made me realize I can actually love everyone.





                                                           will be offered in February and March, 2022. This program requires a commitment to a process of deep self inquiry, discovery and new understanding of self. 


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