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Couples Sessions

Image by Aniket Mandish

A session for couples is an opportunity to cultivate a deeper understanding of one another within a process. It’s important for the partners to realize that the way in which each one of them communicates their needs and the way in which each one of them feels loved might be totally different. Being aware that we may interpret the same situation differently than our partner, and that each one of us has their own way of perceiving reality, can allow us to be more vulnerable, empathetic and sensitive. 

The understanding that we see and respond to things differently is very important for enjoying a healthy relationship. In many relationships having different ideas about the same situation can lead to resentment and anger as well as to misunderstandings that occur when expectations cannot be met. 

In my experience, the main difficulties couples encounter are the emotional responses to uncommunicated and unmet needs. These unmet needs are the reason for both partners to keep getting disappointed from each other again and again. These situations can be solved through communication and through the understanding that seeing things differently is totally fine. We can learn from each other without being angry and disappointed. When we begin to talk and communicate, we become kinder to each other- with no exception! Illuminating difficult situations and clarifying them brings more awareness and ease to our relationships.


A 1-hour Individual Session costs 150€.

Sessions can take place live, via Zoom or Skype.

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