Group Sessions

 The group provides space to connect to your highest potential and your authentic self. It encourages you to manifest and express your talents and to stay tuned to yourself and to your inner stability. It allows you to be in touch with the world's vibration and to be able to respond out of this inner connection rather than reacting out of habits. During the group meetings, you learn how to deepen your communication skills and how to cultivate self-reflection while trusting the intelligence of the participants, the group, and the process. The group exists for more than 10 years and consists of very committed people who see it as a life's improving experience. The group includes 3 mini-workshops, of 3.5 hours each, and is open to everyone. The dates are announced before the start of each season.



                                                           will be offered in February and March, 2022. This program requires a commitment to a process of deep self inquiry, discovery and new understanding of self. 


For more information or to register contact Alona and Team at: