Working with Alona is amazing. Her wisdom and warmth make it easy to open up to her. Her support in finding new ways of seeing ourselves and the world around us changes everything. Without Alona, both of us would not be where we are today. Alona is a wonderful coach and an amazing friend. 
-Fadja Ehlail

The work with Alona is Life-changing. In all aspects of my life, the Sessions with Alona were the core of a change towards creativity, deeper understanding, strength, and diving into a world full of possibilities
-Daniel Kauer 

I've worked with Alona for more than 10 years now. We do workshops at my yoga studio in Mannheim and I take sessions with Alona regularly. Those sessions have been the biggest help in difficult times and have had the greatest transformational power to me. Since those years I have not had one session that was not eye-opening for me. I am amazed by Alona's ability to see me. She has the capacity to focus on what are the main obstacles to move forward and can put it into doable steps for me. She helps me to see and feel how my system reacts to situations in my life and hands over tools for a self-responsible next step. I completely trust her guidance and am very thankful to have met her.

-Ann Kristin Höft 

I found Alona at a time that I was looking for spiritual support, and I found much more than that. 

I found a true teacher, an artist, and a person who moves with love.   

 To receive guidance from a creative person who makes wonderful Art, is especially useful and accurate, for a person who’s trying to find his way as an artist. 

I highly recommend Alona to anyone who wants to develop themselves, on an emotional level, on a professional level, and find the balance and integration between different elements of Life.

 She is a truly gifted human being, a teacher, and an artist.

-Uri Mohilever 

Alona, you are such a gift to me, my life and for this world! I am grateful to know you, to be part of your group space to be inspired by you over and over again for so many years already! I love you and I love the way you are with people how you love them reflecting back their beauty, strength and creativity by every single word you say. For me, you have been a gateway into meditation, a clear channel of authenticity that I trust to guide me into unknown territories. You speak to me in a way that no resistente is not coming up and I can fully enjoy and take a deep rest while listening to you. It's WHAT you say and HOW you say it. A true blessing. I find you a wonderful woman and very inspiring human being. Forever grateful. 

-Sophie de Lacaze

 “The group workshops are intense experiences of vulnerability, opening your heart, and shedding layers of hardened pain in our bodies and spirit. Alona creates a safe container in which the participants shed their deepest fears and release their painful stories by showing up in all their vulnerability with the trust that the group will hold space and offer healing. Alonas sessions transform everyone into a healer .  

Now, more than ever there is so much “scientific” proof of how our stories and traumatic experiences are imprinted in our bodies. Alona uses somatic approaches to create a safe container for the group and an opportunity for vulnerability for the individual. In my experience in Alona's workshops, I was able to physically release trauma, programming and hardened thought patterns. Before my brain had an opportunity to intellectualize it, my body was able do the work of releasing, and relaxing into the moment, and  is where the healing happened.”

-Sarah Peters