Private Sessions

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A private session can bring clarity to your life and the issues and dilemmas you deal with. We can explore the themes you wish together, in order to see them more clearly. According to the issues and vibrations you bring up, we define the aim of the session. During the session we unfold areas within you that are ready to be seen. The session gets you closer to the core-memory of who you are and guides you to your own answers and wisdom. The answers are usually practical and encouraging and can bring more awareness into your life. My intention is to help you realize you can direct your strength and have direct contact with what you want without needing others to approve, or achieve it for you.

We waste too much time directing our energy and strength outwards, believing others know whats best for us. These sessions will help you develop trust in your inner voice to a degree that other people's opinion are appreciated but not necessary for your well-being. After a session, you will feel more centered and more connected to yourself in a deeper way.


A 1-hour Individual Session costs 80€. Sessions can take place live, via Zoom or Skype.