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Mastering the Effortless 

How to take care of our frequency and react to situations from it


We have the tendency to be pulled by unpleasant external situations - especially such which include fear and worry - if we are not aware of our inner state and are not 'on guard' of it.
The good news is that it is possible and easy to stay aware and we can learn how to never leave our frequency.
When the atmosphere around us is heavy or dense for any reason, it is easy to identify with it and to be pulled by it into small-talk or reading the news and before we notice we already get lost in the situation and the collective fear.
Worrying energy for example is very contagious. Sometimes we get this energy from our surrounding even though we might not want to and sometimes we feel worried even though we weren't worried a minute before.
If we want to react to things in a way which will allow us to stay with our own frequency, we have to choose to always be aware of it.
We do not have to worry if everyone else is worried or to feel fear if everyone else is afraid. On a practical level what is important to do in those cases is to stay with our vibration and remain clear and even happy. Being able to do it will benefit the others too since we will be able to stay balanced in many situations and even support others by doing it.
By creating a new relationship with ourselves we can stay connected and get to know ourselves and our default reactions deeper and better. Then we can choose to change our default reactions, but for changing them we first need to look at them and to understand them.
By doing so we can find our balance even when things aren’t peaceful around because we know what is happening within us and we will not be easily distracted by the outside.
Everyone has access to it.
This group meetings will be dedicated to connecting to our stable frequency

and staying with it. we will explore our default reactions and get to know

them better and choose if we want to update them.
The meetings will be supported by a chat group for sharing,

communicating and feedback between the participants. In addition,

each one will have a sharing partner throughout the group meetings.
With love,


Doing Nothing

Most of our days we are busy running from one task to another and we forget to take some time for doing nothing.
Doing nothing can be a very challenging thing for us as it involves teaching ourselves to reduce distortions we live with- due to expectations people have from us or we have from ourselves- and training ourselves to take time to reflect, to let go, and to just be without achieving any goal nor furthering anything.
I believe these are very healthy, nourishing and important things for us.
We should also be aware that sometimes even when we try to relax or to meditate we do it out of some kind of pressure. Being able to allow ourselves to take moments of really doing nothing is something we need to learn. There are always small brakes… we can always find a gap, a moment of silence even while working. It's for us to decide what we are doing during these breaks...

In this group meeting we will look at the meaning of doing nothing for us and at how we can find more silence in our daily life and reduce the distortion.


With love,
Alona and team

'Being disturbed'

We are concerned about being disturbed.
We try to find ways to not being disturbed.
Why don't we want to be disturbed?

If we want to find out about ourselves we have to learn to be able to deal with feeling uncomfortable and going through all disturbing feelings.

When we are too comfortable we feel safe but at the same time we are isolated and half asleep. It is possible to stay centered while being disturbed. It is pretty rare to meet people who stay calm while not getting what they want but when it happens there is something very attractive about it.
When we don't mind being disturbed and are not taking it too seriously, our attitude toward life can change and this is when we can go deeper inward and learn more about ourselves, about our reactions.

Then we can experience things directly without needing to always define and name them, nor blaming others for our misery. When we allow ourselves to directly experience anger without verbalizing it, than there is an experience which can be understood in a direct way and this direct understanding can bring a big transformation.

Things are the way they are. Out of suffering, we want things to be different than they are; we keep fighting in order for them to be the way we want, the way that will make us feel comfortable.

Meditation is a tool that allows us to go deeper, to calm and quite our mind and to give space to all the feelings that are present. Through meditation we learn to take a step back and allow a greater intelligence to take over, to organize and guide us. This is the place where realization, understanding and healing happen on a deeper level.
In these five group meetings we will create together a meditative space and will look at whatever comes up for each one of us.
There will be a space for sharing and deep healing.

We are welcoming you to go deeper with us,


With love,
Alona & Team


 How to stop waiting for an approval for doing what we want!
(And have a direct connection to ourselves instead)

Looking for the approval of others in order to follow our desires or whatever we want to do, will never get us the approval we wish for. It only means give up to pleasing someone else who will never be pleased.
We don't have to wait for others to give us permission to do what we love, and we should not ask anyone for their approval.
When we feel ready to do something new, to take a new step, a courageous step, we just need to do it. No matter what! 
Follow your passion and excitement and use them as your guide.
Don't look for perfection! We just need to take the first step and start the journey. It is an ongoing process and it will keep changing and unfolding anyway. But there is a moment we need to start. Without anyone's opinion!
When we don’t have any "technique" or "method" we tend to think that we are not good enough and we then search the right method or technique outside instead of using our own inner power and wisdom. External power will not bring us any fulfillment in the long run.
It is very much possible to get in touch with our inner being and inner power but It might take some practice .Meditating is a very good way of practicing it!
We are happy to explore the first group with you!
The group is a place where we meditate and focus together on our habits and intentions. 
Meditation allows us to create inner space and to slow down, to bring the past into the present and to get in tune with ourselves and with what life brings us at every moment.


With Love,
Alona and team.

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