Zoom Group Meditation

 I invite you to join me for 30 minutes of free meditation on Zoom. The meditation is open to everyone. The topic of the meditation and the invitation link will be sent to you by email. The meditations are mostly about acknowledging the situation we are in, and about letting all kinds of feelings that, arise, be seen and respected while at the same time connecting to our sense of stability which is always there, and trusting it.

The meditation also concentrates on allowing something new within us to arise by being part of this process of global change. The sessions take place regularly and are very helpful in anchoring a regular meditation practice into your life.


For participation, please send me an Email putting "Add me to the meditation list " in the subject line to: anola50@gmail.com

A New Group and 8-Week Program will be offered in February and March, 2022. This program requires a commitment to a process of deep self inquiry, discovery and new understanding of self. 

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